During the quiet corona period in 2020, Joris Wouters built a brand new cello.
 On February 18 of this year the instrument will be sold at an auction, together with various other art pieces and concerts. The proceeds will go to ArtistsUnited vzw to support musicians that were affected by the Covid-19 measures and also to the music academy in Mosoul (Irak).

Missie van Joris Wouters:

“I’ve always had a difficult time with the abundance we live in here in the West.
 All my life everything has been given to me, I was allowed to go to school, medically I’m taken care of, even if I can’t afford it, and I don’t have to hide from snipers or bombs.
 I’m allowed to express my opinion.
 The situation in the Middle East especially is something that I am deeply concerned about.
These things made me decide I wanted to give back.
 During this lockdown period, I worked on a cello, only with the best materials.
 It was important for me to know that whoever buys the cello will be investing in a better world. I sincerely hope the instrument will end up with a musician, so it can serve its purpose to spread the joy of music.

Inside the cello, I wrote this mission: ‘This instrument is meant to make the world sound better, not to be sold.’”