Joris Wouters, La Corda

In his early twenties, Joris Wouters was trained as a violin maker by an uncle who also made instruments. Wood is in his genes, since his father and grandfather were cabinet makers.

Joris Wouters had training in France, Germany and Italy. 
A pivotal point in his career was when he met Carleen Hutchins (1911–2011), an American scientist and violin maker, who became his mentor and true friend. For fifteen years he studied under Hutchins’ guidance. Hutchins made name with numerous publications concerning the acoustics of bowed instruments and also by making a complete octet, eight matching violins covering the complete range of written music.

In 2002–2003 this octet inspired the Metropolitan to organise an exhibition focussed solely on the instruments.
In the early 2000, Joris Wouters made an octet himself.

Another boost was his contact with the world-famous viola player Yuri Bashmet, who endorsed and supported Wouters’ instruments.

During his 35 year career he made about 130 instruments, violins, violas, cellos and double basses. Numerous of his instruments were acquired abroad.

La Corda

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